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Chicago Wedding Photographer-Chicago Lifestyle Photography- Jennifer Kathryn Gaudreau
Chicago Wedding Photographer-Chicago Lifestyle Photography- Jennifer Kathryn Gaudreau

I have the honor of photographing weddings, portraits, and meaningful moments in my clients' lives in the Chicago area and also have traveled to New York, California, Colorado, Florida, Vermont, Italy, India, Mexico and the Dominican Republic over the past few years. Whether you are looking for someone in Chicago or anywhere in the world, if your vision resonates with mine, I would love to serve you!

Welcome to my corner of the world. I'm Jenn. I'm a photographer. I'm a dreamer. I believe in true love. I love to laugh. I cherish tears. I adore travel. I crave adventure. I live for the present moment. I'm a lover of light, texture and vibrant colors. I'm smitten by art in its many forms. I'm a reverent observer of what it is that goes on in people's hearts. I'm a visual storyteller. And I am blessed to do what I love.

For me, light, composition and texture are simply the medium of art I get to use to capture the essence of what lies beneath- your story, your relationships, your emotions. I get inspired by real life and spontaneous interactions, and my goal is to capture you in an authentic way- in your individuality, beauty, strength, affection, playfulness, passion, in the full expression of your being and in such a way that reveals your dignity.

I believe in the power of building genuine relationships with my clients and allowing you the space to be yourselves as you fill the frames I shoot with the vibrance of your personalities.